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Annuities Annuities generally have a reputation that is lacking…some of it earned, but much of it the result of the Wall Street press attacking it for taking billions out of managed money portfolios and moving it to the insurance companies.  There are a lot of bad annuities, and you must know the difference between variable, fixed, and fixed indexed annuities.  And you have to watch your fees.  But as a part of a nest egg for those at or nearing retirement, these instruments can provide the cornerstone for a guaranteed lifetime income.  The big rap on them has always been that “I don’t want to lock up my money”.  That is a legitimate concern.  But if you knew that there were now annuities that provided access to your initial investment without a surrender charge from day one, is that something you would look at?  The best annuities should be considered and compared against the bond portion of portfolios and bank instruments.  In the right situation, these can be very powerful investment tools.  We are experts in this arena, and would be happy to review yours to see if the new offerings would give you an opportunity to improve what you have now. ( Annuity guarantees are backed by the claims paying ability of the issuer. Certain limitations and expenses may apply. Not suitable for all investors.)